Making Return and
Earn Schemes easy and affordable

We provide patented technology to increase packaging recovery rates by enabling easy and affordable Return and Earn Schemes

Reward as you ThrowPay as you ThrowDeposit Refund System


The unique cost-effective Smart Ring technology capable of recognizing all types of packaging material

European patented AI characterization

RecySmart patented system recognizes all type of packaging material in real-time thanks to acoustic techniques combined with AI algorithms.

PET bottles

Metal cans

Beverage cartons

Glass packaging

Universal Scanning: equip the Smart Ring with our technology to read codes (barcode, QR, Data Matix, and more).
With Universal Scanning and AI characterization, there is a double verification of the packaging material.

Smart Waste

Improve waste collection with the technology of the global leader.

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Use cases

Reward as you Throw

Pay as you Throw

Deposit Refund System

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