Bee2Waste Urban & RecySmart, a Strategic Partnership to offer integrated PAYT

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ITGest and Candam Technologies signed on March 21 a Strategic Alliance Protocol for the development of the joint Smart Waste Management market not only in the Iberian Peninsula, but also in Africa, where the ITGest Group has a very solid and consolidated presence.

This Strategic Alliance paves the way towards an integrated PAYT (Pay As You Throw) solution, which encourages users to pay for the amount of waste they generate, promoting waste reduction and recycling. This is possible thanks to the integration of RecySmart with a Global System that manages the complete cycle of Waste Management, both in the area of urban cleaning and collection, as well as in the subsequent improvement of the value chain in the area of industrial waste, allowing the implementation of schemes like Pay as You Throw (PAYT), Reward as You Throw (RAYT), and Deposit and Return Systems (DRS).

In addition, as part of this collaboration, ITGest will provide the sensor solutions offered by Candam at a very competitive cost.

This Strategic Alliance produces immediate effects and, in a first phase of this Process, allows the incorporation of the entire Candam Technologies offer in Bee2Solutions and the Bee2Waste Urban component in a global offer that will be created for RecySmart and managed by Candam.

About Bee2Solutions

Bee2Solutions is a reference in Portugal in urban and industrial waste management solutions, with dozens of clients in Public and Private Organizations related to the Circular Economy sector in the Waste Management field. It is leader of the CircularTech Consortium in the Recovery and Resilience Plan sponsored by the Portuguese Government. In addition to the Waste Circularity area, Bee2Solutions offers a wide portfolio of Solutions in the Smart Cities area, such as Energy Efficiency and water management.

Participants in the signing of this alliance were:

Pedro Meira (ITGest Executive Administrator)

Anselmo Bueno (Executive Director ITGest Spain)

Jordi Berguinzo (CEO Candam)