as you Throw

A Pay as you Throw system is based on a tax payment according to the use that the citizens do of the waste services and the amount of waste they generate.

WHO is recycling WHAT, WHEN and WHERE

Such schemes incorporate the 'polluter pays' principle into the waste fee.

Consequently, residents or businesses who make an effort to reduce their waste and separate it correctly should then be fairly rewarded.

Basically, whenever a citizen uses the refuse or general waste bin they are charged. This is usually done by user identification and access control.

But what happens when citizens sort properly?



Polluted pays

the waste cycle

Candam Smart Ring can be incorporated into a PAYT scheme to validate when the user is recycling properly.

As it identifies the citizen and characterizes the packaging item, it is possible to provide a discount to the user for every correct recycling action.

The information about who is recycling what is sent to the tax authorities so that they can apply the corresponding discounts on the monthly tax.

With RecySmart
the unique cost-effective Smart Ring technology, you can know

WHO is recycling WHAT, WHEN and WHERE