as you Throw

In Candam ecosystem for a Reward as you Throw scheme, the different actors are interconnected, with everyone being benefited while promoting local economy.

The obtained results are:

Increase recovery rates for plastic, metal, beverage carton and glass packaging up to 95%.

Decrease the amount of improper waste in the selective fractions up to 20%.

Digitize the waste cycle.
Know who is recycling what, when and where.

Boost the economy of the city. Improve citizens quality of life.

Candam provides the whole technological ecosystem to connect all stakeholders and digitize the waste cycle.

City authorities and the waste services can deploy a complete RAYT scheme.

Citizens will be able to recycle in waste bins equipped with Candam Smart Ring. They will connect with the Candam Citizen App, where they can also redeem their recycling points for rewards.

These rewards are uploaded by brands, local business and the municipality through Candam EcoMarket, which is totally free for them.

The shops and brands subscribed to the rewarding scheme can improve their revenues and their image regarding sustainability. Specially for small local shops this becomes an important free channel to advertise products and attract neighbours.

Any city has the opportunity to deploy a Smart Recycling program, in which recycling actions bring more sustainable actions.

Recycling actions bring more sustainable actions

The aim of this type of rewarding program is to promote that the correct recycling actions from citizens generate other sustainable actions which finally will impact positively in the environment and economy of local communities.

Some examples of these incentives are listed as follows:

Fight against food waste

The shops that sell food (restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, etc.) can sell the excess of food that is left at the end of the day and fight against food waste in the Candam EcoMarket.

The citizens can buy through Candam Citizen App the food left at a reduced price. Therefore, they help reduce food waste, decrease CO2eq emissions and stop climate change, while giving the shop the opportunity to recover the costs.

Digitize the local business

The Candam EcoMarket helps to digitize the local businesses and get access to the neighbours for free.

In this way, the city authority helps the local business get more customers and avoids the investment of paying for the rewards.

Smart mobility

Discounts based on smart mobility platforms like bike and moto sharing can help to achieve zero emissions in cities.

By providing discounts per each travel, citizens will be able to pay less when riding an electric motorbike or a bike.

Solidarity projects

The recycling points can be exchanged for solidary projects in the local area or all around the world and promote the social aspect of sustainability.

Increase packaging recovery rates up to 95%