The unique cost-effective technology to increase packaging recovery rates

It is a stand-alone IoT device with Europe-wide patented technology, which is installed in any waste bin, to turn them into smart bins.

How it works


Citizen ID

Citizens log in with the App or RFID card to identify themselves and start the recycling process.
See the Citizen app


Packaging characterization

They introduce their packaging items one by one in the correct bin and RecySmart characterizes the packaging material in real time.


Reward / refund

The citizen will receive the corresponding recycling points to change for rewards or directly a cash refund.



All the data (citizen ID + packaging recycled) is sent to our platform for processing and analysis.
See the Candam WI

European patented AI characterization

RecySmart patented system recognizes all types of packaging material in real-time thanks to acoustic techniques combined with AI algorithms.

PET bottles

Metal cans

Beverage cartons

Glass packaging

Universal Scanning
Equip the Smart Ring with our technology to read codes

Barcode, QR, Data Matix, and more.

With Universal Scanning and AI characterization there is a double verification of the packaging material.

RecySmart device collects data of
is recycling WHAT, WHEN and WHERE

With this data, the authorities can build a user friendly, robust and anti-fraud, and cost-effective scheme that can fit within one of the following INCENTIVES SCHEMES:

Reward as you Throw

Pay as you Throw

Deposit Refund System

RecySmart can be used for public waste service and also for the private sector: retail stores, gas stations, commercial buildings, airports, events, and more.

Adaptable to any waste bin

Lateral dischargeBottom dischargeRear discharge
UndergroundSmart Bin Compactors

RecySmart is
the perfect tech solution
between RVMs and recycling apps

Reverse Vending Machines are too expensive and very limited in the packaging accepted. Recycling apps lack anti-fraud robustness and user-friendliness.

The massively scalable solution that Europe needs to achieve the recycling targets

In comparison to other systems used in the Waste Management Sector, Candam adds information on WHAT is being recycled for the plastic, metal, beverage carton, and glass packaging fractions:

Usually, Access control and Door-to-door collection are used in the PAYT scheme.

With RecySmart you can enhance the system by equipping the bins associated with plastic, metal, beverage carton, and glass packaging.

RecySmart, a simple approach with complex technology:

Adaptable to any waste bin.

Can be installed on any type of waste bin. Independent of material, shape, and discharge type.

Low energy consumption.

Autonomous device powered by batteries.

Connectivity via the app (BLE), RFID card, or others.

Anti-cheating characteristics.
Anti-vandal design.

By hardware, firmware, AI, and software.

Wireless access.

For end-user connectivity, monitoring recycling activities, device configuration, and software updates.

Easy to use.
Easy to install.

Installation takes less than 10 minutes.


For one or more of the recognizable packaging categories.

RecySmart is the perfect-in-between