Europe is issuing new waste directives with hardening targets to recover 90% of the total single-use plastic

Municipal authorities and their waste management services find it difficult to meet the recycling targets set by EU directives. They need better tools and methods to settle secured and transparent incentive schemes to be able to comply with it.

Candam Smart Ring technology was created
to solve the problem of low recycling rates in Europe.

as you Throw

as you Throw

Refund System

With RecySmart, city councils and waste managers will be able to engage citizens in an active role thanks to incentives

RecySmart device collects data of WHO is recycling WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. With this data, the authorities can build a user friendly, robust and anti-fraud, and cost-effective scheme that can fit within one of the following INCENTIVES SCHEMES:

Reward as you Throw

In Candam ecosystem for a RAYT scheme, the different actors are interconnected, with everyone benefited while promoting the local economy.
Candam provides the whole technological ecosystem to connect all stakeholders and digitize the waste cycle:

- Citizens
- Waste management Companies
- Brands & local business.

Pay as you Throw

A PAYT system (also called trash metering) is based on a tax payment according to the use that the citizens do of the waste services and the amount of waste they generate.

Candam Smart Ring can be incorporated into a PAYT scheme to validate when the user is recycling properly.

Deposit Refund System

It is known as DRS- by which the citizens are refunded a deposit at the return of their waste packaging items. With this system, recovery rates increase to 95%.

Candam Smart Ring can support a traditional DRS behaving as an extra input like a RVM or directly be incorporated into the new generation of Digital DRS.

RecySmart is the unique technology capable of recognizing all types of packaging material in street recycling bins

RAYT and DRS schemes proved successful in increasing recovery rates. Currently, RVMs are the most used technology.
However, RVMs have significant limitations to be the only and definitive solution for urban waste collection.