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Candam & Sensoneo

Candam is Sensoneo’s partner for Iberia. Together with Sensoneo, we are redefining the way waste is managed. We cover from asset tracking for bins all the way to automated on-demand collection planning.

Sensoneo’s proven solutions reduce waste collection costs by at least 30% and lower carbon emissions in cities by up to 60%. Sensoneo is present in 5 continents and 82 countries with more than 400 projects.

Asset Management for waste bins allows cities and businesses to get a clear understanding of the complex bin infrastructure they manage.

Asset Management enables you to digitize your bin infrastructure. It combines RFID tags and stickers, Smart Waste Management System, Mobile App, and RFID readers.

By tagging all bins and containers you identify and record all assets (bins) in a digital inventory in the Smart Waste Management System, a powerful cloud-based platform. RFID features enable automatic service verifications and automatic updates of the bin database.

Get a proof-of-service.

Simple bin tracking, communication and invoicing.

The ultimate all-in-one service monitoring device for waste collection trucks.

WatchDog consolidates the features of several monitoring devices into just one. It combines a powerful RFID reader, precise satellite location tracking (GNSS), a communication module, and Main unit to rule them all.

WatchDog was built with the aim to allow fully automated service monitoring. Automation reduces the margin of error on the data collection and unburdens dustmen. Automation delivers reliable data for Pay-as-you-throw systems or for better waste management in general.

Automate your collection service.

Service verification and fraud prevention.

Waste Monitoring with Smart Sensors allows cities and businesses to uncover and finally understand the complex dynamics of their waste production.

Waste Monitoring combines Smart Sensors, Waste Management System, and Citizen App.

The Smart Sensors use ultrasound technology to measure the fill levels in bins and send the data to the Smart Waste Management System, via the Internet of Things (Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, GPRS) providing cities and businesses with data-driven decision-making, and optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies and vehicle loads.

Collect only full bins.

Waste collection saving by 30%.

Route Planning for waste collection enables you to optimize and automate the planning of waste collection routes.

It combines the Waste Management System, Driver Navigation App, Watchdog and it can incorporate data from Smart Sensors and/or Smart Tags.

Route Planning enables automation of the management of the waste collection routes, based on precise pre-defined data regarding waste collection vehicles, depots, and landfills/incineration sides.

The aim is that every single waste collection route is planned to maximize the utilization of your resources (fleet, FTEs, time).

Maximize the use of vehicles.

Fewer kilometres driven per kilogram of collected waste.



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