Elburgo moves towards Smart Organic Waste Management

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The municipality of Elburgo has initiated door-to-door collection of organic waste, marking an important milestone on its path towards smarter and more efficient waste management.

To facilitate this process, new bins have been distributed to every household in the municipality, designed to make waste collection easier than ever. Each of these bins is equipped with a unique QR code, using technology provided by Sensoneo through Candam in Iberia.

This technology enables meticulous digital tracking of each waste collection.

How does it work?

These are smart QR codes with RFID technology integrated into each bin. When waste is collected, authorized personnel scan the code using a reader, thus recording the collection. They can also add additional details, such as the weight of the load or any incidents detected, such as contamination from other waste or damage to the bin.

All this data is collected and managed through Sensoneo’s powerful platform. This cloud-based platform allows customers to monitor and plan daily waste management activities efficiently. From a digital view, the client can access detailed information about each bin, including its capacity, waste type, last measurement, GPS location and collection schedule.

In short, the implementation of smart organic waste collection in Elburgo not only improves the efficiency of waste management, but also provides a clearer and more detailed view of the entire process. This innovative approach promises to pave the way to a cleaner, more sustainable future for our community.