CENTS4PACK Project: Rewarding recycling in Guadalajara

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The “CENTS4PACK” project has been awarded to Candam Technologies and Valoriza Medioambiente in the framework of the European call LIFE 2022 in the environmental line “Circular Economy”. This project is developed in collaboration with the Guadalajara City Council.


What is the objective of the CENTS4PACK project?

Guadalajara is committed to the implementation of this innovative project with unique technology to:

  • Improve recycling rates by 15%.
  • Digitalize the waste management cycle
  • Comply with European legislation on the subject
  • Promote the local economy by providing a platform for advertising local businesses.

What is the CENTS4PACK project and why is it innovative?

The project consists of implementing an incentive system (RAYT “Reward as You Throw”) that rewards citizens for recycling correctly. In this case, the project is focused on the correct recycling of plastic bottles, cans, carton briks and glass containers.

The development of this new recycling model is possible thanks to Recysmart, the smart ring designed by Candam Tech, adaptable to any type of waste bin. It is an IoT (internet of things) device with patented technology, capable of identifying the user and, through a series of sensors powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm, characterize in real time the containers that are deposited in the container.


How to obtain Recycling Points?

Citizens who correctly recycle their packaging through the device will receive Recycling Points in a virtual account, which can be exchanged for discounts at local businesses in Guadalajara. Getting points is simple, 1 container = 1 point.

To recycle, they need to download the App, available on both Android and IOS.



This project, a pioneer in Spain, is based on rewarding citizens committed to the environment, promoting the local economy through a revolutionary incentive system.

How do local businesses participate?

Joining the project is very simple for local businesses. They only have to register in the Ecomarket (https://ecomarket.recysmart.eu/), upload their discounts and that’s it! The following video explains step by step how to participate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOMvuB3mGs4

In addition, the environmental educators have already started their visits to the stores, with the aim of facilitating their participation and explaining the project by distributing information leaflets.

Two weeks after the start of the program, more than 35 businesses have already joined the initiative. In the following image, Calzados Margó, the first participating store!

All the businesses that take part in the program will have the project sticker in their stores.


How many devices will be installed and where to find them?

The project will install 400 units of the RecySmart device, distributed in glass and light packaging bins to motivate and involve the entire population and the more than 200 local businesses. To find out where to find the nearest device, you can access the RecySmart App and in the “Map” section you will be able to visualize all the waste bins that have the smart ring.



Do you have doubts or questions?

You can write an email to info@cents4pack.com or call +34 672 824 690, from 10am to 2pm.