Candam WI provides Waste Intelligence for clients, enabling data-driven decisions to improve recycling.

Candam WI

Camdam Waste Intelligence collects massive amount of data sent by RecySmart, which is processed to extract meaningful information and reports.

  • Recycling indexes in real-time.
  • Waste bin map automatically updated.
  • Incident management to reduce your time-to-action to solve issues reported by citizens.
  • Feedback on service quality to keep your citizens satisfied.
  • All data collected can be shared via API communication to third parties platform.

Candam Citizen app

A user-friendly app, free for all the citizens to improve their way of recycling and get rewarded for it!

  • Tracks individual environmental impact.
  • Gets feedback from citizens.
  • Connected to our reward scheme or third parties.
  • Customizable (white label).

RecySmart is the unique technology capable of recognizing all types of packaging material in street recycling bins

RAYT and DRS schemes proved successful in increasing recovery rates. Currently, RVMs are the most used technology, however, RVMs have significant limitations to be the only and definitive solution for urban waste collection.