Parabens Portugal: partnership with OVO, waste bin market leader

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Candam and OVO Solutions closed a strategic alliance to convert Portuguese urban surface bins into cost-effective Reverse Vending Machines thanks to RecySmart.

OVO Solutions, belonging to the R&C Group, is the market leader in the production and distribution of recycling bins in the Iberian Peninsula. OVO counts more than 20 years in the Portuguese market and has approximately 200.000 installed units of the CYCLEA bins throughout Iberia.

OVO Solutions works side by side with its partners and clients aiming to transform cities into better places to live and work. For that reason, they provide technologically advanced solutions that add value, creativity, and sustainability to a brand with tradition.

Candam and OVO built a close relationship based on trust with a clear shared goal of deploying Portugal’s next generation of waste collection scheme. Thanks to OVO’s broad network in the market, they are bringing RecySmart into the decision-making table of important cities, waste managers, and packaging recycling organizations in Portugal.

With RecySmart we are bringing a unique technology at the perfect time to the Portuguese market to bridge the gap between the current collection system and what is needed to reach the recycling goals set ahead.

Henrique Jacinto, Director at OVO Solutions