Candam is included in goCircular Radar by Ecoembes

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Candam is included in goCircular Radar, the map of innovative start-ups that can contribute substantially to changing the world and improving the circular economy.

Ecoembes is the organization in charge of the recovery of all packaging in Spain. With the strong conviction that the path towards a more sustainable economy needs the impulse of entrepreneurs, The Circular Lab, the open innovation center of the circular economy of Ecoembes, has created goCircular Radar. The aim is to group all these startups and increase their exposition through Ecoembes’ wide influence and help promote their projects while facilitating the closing of deals among public and private entities, startups, and citizens.

According to Circle, Ecoembes’ magazine, it is startups and small companies thanks to their entrepreneurs’ motivation that are the ones leading the market of new ideas to improve the environment. Besides, these companies do not only fight against the climate crisis but also contribute to increasing employment: according to the European Commission, by 2030, the circular economy will create 700,000 jobs in the EU.

We want to provide to these companies that fight to improve and take care of our environment a space that allows them to give visibility to their projects and that promotes the collaboration with companies and administration in circular economy projects.

Zacarías Tobardo, Coordinator of The Circular Lab