Candam and Sotkon: partnership to enable RecySmart integration into underground bins.

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Driven by innovation, Sotkon includes Candam’s RecySmart into their underground bins.

Thanks to this strategic move, the Portuguese company will be able to offer municipalities a full set of smart underground bins: access control for mixed waste and biowaste and RecySmart for light packaging and glass.

Presented in Pollutec 2023, Sotkis DRS is Sotkon’s solution for waste characterization which will be offered in all of its more than ten markets. Particularly for Portugal, the market leader for underground bins, aims to support their clients in achieving the ambitious targets set by PERSU 2030.

By integrating both access control and RecySmart technology under one unique software, a user-friendly scheme can be established to incentivize citizens to recycle more and better in order to increase packaging recovery rate.
With outstanding design and robustness, Sotkon is introducing to the market a set of smart bins that can enable a fair Pay-as-you-Throw (PAYT) tax, or Pay-less-as-you-Throw (PLAYT) / Save-as-you-Throw (SAYT). However, the solution can also operate under other schemes like Reward as you Throw (RAYT) or even Deposit Refund System (DRS).

When compared to a traditional Reverse Vending Machine (RVM), Sotkis DRS can get the same results with much less costs as it is a much more cost-effective solution which profits from the existing infrastructure (same bins, routes and trucks). With Sotkis DRS you can know WHO is recycling WHAT, WHEN and WHERE for the light packaging and glass fractions.

Sotkon and Candam are enabling Easy and Affordable Return and Earn Schemes.

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