Allez La France: partnership with WinBin!

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Candam and WinBin signed the partnership to distribute RecySmart in the French market, converting both urban surface and underground bins into cost-effective Reverse Vending Machines.

WinBin is a French start-up from La Provence that offers tech solutions to improve waste sorting by means of rewards. They have developed their own rewarding app and with the RecySmart device (rebranded as Bin-Go) they can close the gap and effectively recognize the packaging material deposited by the citizens. WinBin is a family company backed by Connect-Sytee, a waste bins distributor with more than 20 years of experience in the French market.

With the shared view that sorting needs improvement to reach the currently demanded targets by the EU, WinBin bets on Candam’s technology to help French authorities reach them. Both companies also agree that for being successful in achieving Europe’s climate goals it is of high importance to build cooperation between European start-ups.

RecySmart (Bin-Go) device is a unique device capable to recognize all types of packaging waste (glass, plastic bottles, metal cans, and carton beverages) thanks to its patented Intelligent Waste Characterization that can also be supported with Universal Scanning to gather more information about deposited products.

Download Bin-Go brochure here