Second phase implementation at Sant Cugat

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Since the beginning of May, Candam will start the implementation of the second round of devices in Sant Cugat del Vallès, this time in the city center.

Sant Cugat del Vallès (90,664 inhabitants) is a city next to Barcelona and the host of Candam’ first implementation back in 2019. After this successful first round in the neighborhood of Can Barata, the second implementation was programmed for the first term of 2020, which was unfortunately delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, with all set-up, and thanks to the joint collaboration between Candam (technology), the City Council of Sant Cugat (location), Valoriza (waste manager), Ros Roca (container manufacturer), and Wakatobi (communication campaign), the implementation will start the first week of May 2021.

It is expected that citizens and local shops will be able to enjoy the Reward As You Throw (RAYT) program since June 1st. With more than 120 local shops uploading incentives, everyone is expecting the launch of the project!

An attractive incentives program for all: “Sustainable brings more sustainable”

  • Fight against food waste: the shops that sell food (restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, etc.) can sell the excess food that is left at the end of the day and fight against food waste with our EcoMarket. The citizens can buy through RecySmart Citizen app the food left at a reduced price and help to reduce food waste, decrease CO2 emissions and help stop the climate crisis, and help the shop recover the cost of that food. For example, a food pack that might cost € 12 can be obtained at a reduced price of € 3.99. Then, if each packaging recycled gives 1 recycling point to the citizen, and 1 recycling point is equivalent to € 2, then by recycling correctly two packaging items, the citizen will be able to buy the food pack at a discounted price.
  • Public transport: to incentivize the use of public transport, a 20% discount on the current public transport card could be an effective measure to increase the use of this means of transport.
  • Smart mobility: for the same reason, discounts on smart mobility platforms like motosharing can help achieve zero emissions in cities. By providing a 30% discount the citizen might be able to pay € 3.5 for 20 mins riding an electric motorbike instead of € 5, which will help the citizen save some money and reduce air and noise pollution in the city.
  • Solidarity projects: the recycling points can be exchanged for donations for solidary projects in the local area or all around the world and promote the social aspect of sustainability. There might be citizens that do not feel attracted by the rewards as a form of saving but would be willing to help in form of donations.

Sustainable brings more sustainable