Candam’s first project in Middle East

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During COP28, Candam and BEEAH Group launched an innovative recycling initiative at the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

The implementation of this project marked the beginning of a significant shift towards sustainability and intelligent recycling in Sharjah.
The project stands out for the implementation of RecySmart technology in the recycling bins at the University of Sharjah. In total, 20 surface bins were turned smart with RecySmart, making it possible to reward users for their recycling actions. The main objective is to enhance overall recycling rates in the city and raise awareness among citizens.

Students, professors, and staff at the university will be able to actively participate in this initiative for six months. Through the RecySmart Citizen App, citizens are incentivized to recycle, accumulating virtual points for each recycling action that can be then exchanged for rewards such as Nespresso coffee machines among others.


The recognition obtained as winners of the Access Sharjah challenge propelled this implementation towards success. The invaluable support from BEEAH Group and Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) was fundamental to achieving this milestone.
This project also provided Candam with the opportunity to participate in COP28 in Dubai, showcasing its technology. The Candam team was present throughout the entire Conference, connecting with interested parties and generating new opportunities around the globe.

This milestone marks a pivotal moment for Candam Tech, as it is the first implementation outside Europe and the first in the Middle East. After COP28, we are certain this is only the first of many projects that the company will have in the region, which is accelerating the sustainable transition in all aspects.
It is also a demonstration of Candam’s commitment to global expansion, catalyzing initiatives that promote circular economy and sustainability worldwide. This achievement further consolidates Candam’s position as a leader in pioneering sustainable solutions on a global scale.