Reward As You Throw

Rewarding recylcing with the first IoT technology to identify citizens and recognize packaging waste
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Increase recycling rates

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Improve sorting of waste

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Boost the local economy

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Analyze data in real time

The unique cost-effective device able to unmistakeably identify all types of packaging waste.

Main technology

Intelligent Waste Sorting: our patented system to recognize packaging in real-time (plastic, metal, carton bricks, & glass).

Additional modules

  • Universal Scanning: our patented system is able to read all types of codes (barcode, QR, Data Matix, and more).
  • Access Control Lid: to prevent insertion of material until citizen has identified and successfully scanned any code.
  • Filling Level Sensor: ultrasonic sensor to optimize waste collection.
  1. Adaptable to all bins
  2. Remote configuration
  3. Customizable

  1. Resistant to adverse conditions (IP67)
  2. Antivandal design

Waste Management Platform

WMP provides Business Intelligence on the service of clients, allowing to make better decisions to improve recycling.

The platform collects massive amount of data sent by RecySmart, which is processed to extract meaningful information and reports.

  • Recycling indexes in real-time
  • Container status map providing filling volume level to optimize your collection routes.
  • Incident management to reduce your time-to-action to solve issues reported by citizens
  • Feedback on service quality to keep your citizens satisfied with waste collection

WMP is integrable via APIs to other software

RecySmart Citizen app

A user-friendly app, free for all the citizens to improve their way of recycling and get rewards for it!

  • Shows environmental impact
  • Gamifies recycling
  • Gets feedback from citizens
  • Connected with our EcoMarket
  • Customizable for your organization

Additional features

E-wallet:  Online Transaction System that allows citizens to redeem their recycled items in exchange for rewards using encrypted tokens a secure Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)




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