Candam and Valoriza announce the innovative project CENTS4PACK in Guadalajara

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The “CENTS4PACK” project, framed in the European Life 2022 call for proposals in line with Circular Economy, has been awarded to Candam Technologies and Valoriza Medioambiente.

What is the objective of the CENTS4PACK project?

Guadalajara is committed to the implementation of this innovative project with unique and patented technology for:

  • Improve waste collection ratios (with a base target of 15%)
  • Digitalize the waste management cycle
  • Comply with European waste legislation
  • Promote the local economy by providing a platform for local business advertising

What is the CENTS4PACK project and why is it innovative?

The project consists of implementing a “Reward as you Throw” system to reward citizens for recycling in the correct way. In this case, the project is focused on the correct recycling of plastic containers, bricks, cans, and glass.

For this purpose, the RecySmart device designed by Candam Technologies is used, a device with unique patented IoT technology, capable of characterizing through acoustic techniques combined with artificial intelligence, all types of packaging waste in real-time (plastic, metal, bricks, and glass).

This device is adaptable to all types of bins, fully customizable, resistant to adverse conditions, and with a robust design and anti-vandalism security. In this way, it is possible to know if the users recycle in the correct way, without the limitations of optical technologies, guaranteeing the agile usability of the system.

Candam Smart Ring adapted to a bin

The project plans to install 500 units of the Smart Ring device in glass and light packaging bin to motivate and involve the entire population and more than 200 local businesses.

It should be noted that with Candam’s technology, the Guadalajara City Council manages to implement an effective incentive system of its own.
The CENTS4PACK project started in September of this year 2022 and its completion date is scheduled for February 2025.

Evolution of packaging collection rate

During the development of the project, an exhaustive follow-up will be carried out to analyze the effectiveness of the system in increasing collection ratios, studying the current situation, and measuring the impact of the implementation.

The project kick-off meeting was attended by:

Kick-off meeting for the CENTS4PACK project at the Guadalajara City Hall

On behalf of the City Council:
⦁ Jaime Sanz – Councilman of urban services.
⦁ Alberto Trillo – Technician responsible for Parks and gardens, street cleaning, and garbage collection.
⦁ Alberto Granizo – Environment technician.

On behalf of Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales:
⦁ Ana Benavent – Technical Director.
⦁ David Redondo – Digitalization and Innovation Manager.
⦁ Paloma Mingo – Innovation Technician
⦁ Patricia Yebra – Service Manager

On behalf of Candam:
⦁ Jordi Beguinzo – CEO
⦁ Carlos del Corte – Business Development Manager