Digital DRS

Revolutionize packaging collection with a cost-effective, digital and cryptosecure Deposit Refund System
Use existing infrastructure
Sort all packaging materials
Track whole value chain

Revolutionize the packaging recycling sector by introducing a new universal and secure Deposit Refund System (DRS) concept: the Digital DRS (DDRS). Increase recovery rates in a simpler, transparent, secure and widely adoptable way by digitally incentivizing citizens for their recycling actions.

Candam and its partners are shaping the most complete DDRS in the world: from the serialization and digitalization of packaging with unique QR codes, the traceability through the whole value chain is possible with blockchain and data storage in the cloud, to the IoT smart bins with the ultimate technology to validate who has returned what and where to provide the deposit back to the citizen.


Digital platform

It is here where all the serialized codes are managed to digitize packaging items, trace them along production, retail, consumption and recycling, and obtain valuable insights from the data.


Citizen app

Citizen app’s e-wallet consists of an Online Transaction System, which provides the cashback to citizens for their proper recycling by means of secure encryption with blockchain.


RecySmart device converts any waste bin into a costeffective Reverse Vending Machine. It is ideal to massively deploy over the existing infrastructure for a trustable and a user-friendly Digital DRS.

The unique cost-effective device able to unmistakeably identify all types of packaging waste.

Main technology

Universal Scanning: our patented system able to read all types of codes (barcode, QR, Data Matix, and more).

Intelligent Waste Sorting: our patented system to recognize packaging in real-time (plastic, metal, carton bricks, & glass) serves for double verification.

Additional modules

  • Access Control Lid
  • Filling Level Sensor
  • Solar Compactor

  1. Adaptable to all bins
  2. Remote configuration
  3. Customizable

  1. Resistant to adverse conditions (IP67)
  2. Antivandal design
DDRS Alliance

Creating the Global Standard

The DDRS Alliance is a non-profit collaboration of the world’s leading industry and technology organisations that are working together to build and validate a Global Standard for a Digital DRS with an open and fully-scalable system suitable for any multi-stakeholder environment. Digital DRS (Digital Deposit Return Scheme) is a new approach to Deposit Return Schemes, enabled through digital tracking of consumer products. It promises improved DRS performance to help step-change circular economies at significantly lower cost and carbon footprint.